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e net - electron application, public facilities reservation service - of Hiroshima living

Publication day March 6, 2018 to display page for print

e net of Hiroshima living

e net of Hiroshima living is electronic application service, facility reservation service to be able to "easily" perform reservations of application, report and public facilities (sports facility and public hall) of administrative procedure from the Internet "safely" "anytime" from "anywhere".

※By electronic application service, we destroy coding communication protocol "TLS1.0" for security enhancement from July 1, 2018. With nullification of TLS1.0 with feature phone (gallaKay) and some smartphones (before before android4.4 or iOS4) cannot use. I am sorry to cause inconvenience, but please understand.

Electronic applicationExternal link It is application, service that we can report to each municipality of Hiroshima, the prefecture.
Facility reservationExternal link It is service that can perform inquiry of space information of public facilities in Hiroshima, use application, reservation lottery application for facility.

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