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About national guide-interpreter system

Publication day January 4, 2018 to display page for print

With guide-interpreters of the whole country

  • Guide-interpreters of the whole country get reward, and they mean person assuming that we perform interpreter guidance (we attend foreigner and say that we work as guide about trip using foreign language.) the work.
  • We pass whole country guide-interpreter examination that Secretary of Japan Tourism Agency performs to become guide-interpreters of the whole country, and it is necessary to receive registration of prefectural governors.

※For more information about national guide-interpreter examination (conventional guide-interpreter examination), please see website external link of the sightseeing in Japanese Government station (JNTO).

Main revised point of 1 law

(1) The abolition of duties exclusive regulation

 About guide-interpreter qualification, we review regulation from duties monopoly to name monopoly (※) and enable interpreter guide by the wide main constituent.
 ※ Regulation that person who does not have qualification cannot use name of the qualification concerned and similar name for.

(2) Name change to guide-interpreters of the whole country and the foundation of local guide-interpreter system

 Name of conventional guide-interpreter is changed to "guide-interpreters of the whole country", and system of "local guide-interpreter" is founded, and qualification by plan development, training conduct of the local government is enabled.

(3) Test subject review of national guide-interpreter examination

 Subject about business of interpreter guidance is added newly by point of view raising quality of guide-interpreters of the whole country.

(4) Imposition of periodical training attendance for guide-interpreters of the whole country

 Guide-interpreters of the whole country are required to attend the training about interpreter guidance that training organization which received registration of Secretary of Japan Tourism Agency carries out 5 once a year.

2 driver's licenses and registration document

 National guide-interpreter registration document is issued to guide-interpreters of the whole country by prefectural governors.
In addition, conventional guide-interpreter registration document becomes effective sequentially, too and is considered to be national guide-interpreter registration document.

[national guide-interpreter registration document]

National guide-interpreter registration document

[guide-interpreter registration document]

Guide-interpreter registration document

Application of 3 registration, report of change, re-grant (guide-interpreter examination passers of the whole country, guide-interpreters of the whole country)

Documents necessary for application of registration are as follows.
※You can see attached document from [downloading] of the lower page.

  • As for the national guide-interpreter registration application, it is presentation documents table
  • National guide-interpreter registration application
  • Entry change notification form
  • Registration document application for re-issue book
  • Medical examination report
  • dairikengenjukensho
  • Written oath of agent

Reading of 4 directories

 National guide-interpreter register is provided for each metropolis and districts, and, on registration number of guide-interpreters of the whole country, the registration date, full name, pass foreign language are listed.


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