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Employment and Labor Policy Division

Main business content

Stability of the labor-management relations, labor consultation, support of employment, creation of the employment, offer of employment labor information link Hiroshima employment support site

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In Employment and Labor Policy Division, we perform employment labor-related business other than each item of the next entry. In addition, we run the next site to offer information of the employment, labor, employment support generally.

・ Hiroshima employment labor information site "wakuwaku net Hiroshima" external link

 We offer information such as the employment, labor, employment support of Hiroshima widely.

  • To jobseeker, students ... job fair, company information, employment consultation, internship
  • To workers ... ..., labor consultation, welfare program, labor-affiliated laws and ordinances
  • To business owners ... ..., grant, the trial employment, U-turn I turn employment, ability for occupation development, work and domestic coexistence


Hiroshima job hunting support site

 We introduce site that is useful for all of you looking for a job.
  We can read internship information, employment information, position offer information.
 In addition, we place information of approximately 1,700 companies in Hiroshima including only one number one companies that we collected by prefecture original network.


(product for students) Go! Hiroshima

(product for members of society) GO! Hiroshima for carrier

(database) Go! Hiroshima database external link

Way of working reform

Work-life balance

Labor consultation

Public interest report

Employment, the employment of young fellow

Toward foreigner who is looking for work, the Japanese-person

Notice of acts of dispute about utilities

Hiroshima emergency employment measures fund business