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About the member of Hiroshima care training training (the first designation person training)

Publication day March 30, 2018 to display page for print

About the training training (the first designation person training) of 1 care staff

 Of country "there is of future care human resources training; "was plain, and was plain, in study meeting about plus," got career path of future long-term care personnel, and, based on what was done proposal saying it is necessary to be able to have the prospects to be able to continue working throughout the life", review of the member of long-term care training training was performed. Member of care staff basics training and visit care training training first grade courses were unified by the practitioner training and, as for the member of visit care training training second grade course, were shifted to the person of staff of care first designation training.

Conventional training course ※1

Training time


After the system revision

Training time

●Care staff basics training course 500 hours


■The practitioner training ※2

450 hours

●The first grade course about visit care 230 hours
●The second grade course about visit care 130 hours   ■The first designation person training ※3

130 hours

※Training course of 1 before is carried out (only as for the thing which starts by the end of March, 2013, and completes by the end of March, 2014) until 2012, and the subsequent training is not carried out. From 2013, the training to appoint of prefecture becomes "only the person of care staff first designation training". 

※2 practitioner training is required as eligibility requirements for an examination of national examination (work experience route) of care worker from the H28 year. About contents, conduct facility (practitioner training facility) of the training, Hiroshima health welfare station medical care care human resources section (care human resources group) becomes the jurisdiction.

※The person of 3 care staff first designation training is intended that we wear ability to practice basic care duties while learning at-home basic knowledge and technique to be necessary in and working in facility as thing as a substitute for the conventional "member of visit care second grade course training" (the helper second grade training), and receiving instructions of the boss of the workplace. Medical care human resources section (care human resources group) performs office work about "company designation" in Hiroshima and "designation of the training" sequentially.

<< reference materials >>

About formation of career path of care human resources (PDF file) (73KB)

Care staff training training transition schedule (PDF file) (86KB)

Comparison between person of care staff first designation training and curriculum list of member of visit care training training second grade course (PDF file) (56KB)

To attend the member of 2 cares training training (the first designation person training)

 We are going to open a course in the training that offer is carried out now and, among the member of care training training that Hiroshima appointed, publish list.
We list only summary in table. Internship, expense, application method, lecture contents, method, examination questions, the number of times, supplementary lecture vary according to training organizations. For details, please apply to each training organization after direct confirmation. In addition, from list of companies which Governor of Hiroshima appointed, we can confirm whether it is designated company.

 ※Look at information of the training, list of companies from next [downloading].
 ※We match this information on training designation day (when principle, day to correspond every month 1 date are holidays of prefecture on the next day) and update.

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Downloading (going to open a course as for list and the list of designated companies this)










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