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About conduct of simultaneous nationwide communication training of second warning system (J alert) national on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Publication day March 7, 2018 to display page for print

 We carry out communication training of J alert that the Cabinet Secretariat, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency and local public entity cooperated.
Broadcast is made, and, with this training, registration system email may be delivered by speaker of emergency broadcast system.
※Please refer to each municipality for communication means.

1 date and time
 Wednesday, March 14, 2018 11:00

2 objects
 All metropolis and districts applying J alert receiver and municipality

3 delivery sentences
 "This is test of J alert."

4 training methods
 We confirm that transmission is performed normally by receiving information by J alert, and starting communication means (speakers of emergency broadcast system) in connection with the system automatically.
 Prefectural office building (we include main building, south hall, north hall, the east hall (police headquarters.) , assembly ridge, tax practice Government building, agriculture and forestry Government building) perform broadcast in agency.
※Communication means of municipalities includes speaker of emergency broadcast system, sound notice terminal or registration system email, and please refer to each municipality for the details as you vary according to municipalities.
※It is not actually training to have you take refuge action toward the citizen of the prefecture.

5 and others
 In this training, it is not delivered urgent breaking news emails from country to cell-phone, smartphone.

[related information]
◆About correspondence when ballistic missile may drop, look at the next page.

◆Please see the following linked leaflet about warning system (J alert) in seconds of the whole country.
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