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Guidance of passport (passport) application

Publication day to display page for print: November 22, 2017 update

It is only person making resident registration in principle, Hiroshima to be able to apply for passport in Hiroshima.

From June 4, 2007, window of application (application) and grant (receipt) of passport became city, town (as for the person performed resident registration of in student or business bachelors outside prefecture city, town with whereabouts) performed resident registration of.

Japan Government proves your nationality for the foreign government, and passport (passport) is official document which calls for protection and support to be able to go on a safe trip.
Therefore constant procedure is necessary before the receipt from application.
In addition, when you are lost and encounter theft, it is forged false, and please keep carefully as it might be used for crime.

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  • Window of application and grant of passport is city, town performed resident registration of unless we correspond to urgent travel and "relations such as penalties".
  • Please apply early to be in time for departure and procedure of visa.
  • Passport has two kinds of ten years and five years validity. Person 20 years or older chooses either on application day and can apply. Person younger than 20 years can apply only for thing of five years on application day.
  • They are effective, but, as for the passport, country needing residual validity of constant degree at the time of visa application and entry, please be careful until validity expiration day as there is. For more details, please confirm at embassy and the consulate general of country to make a voyage to in Japan.

Person made a voyage to in the United States look at [instructions] of the lower page.

[procedure guidance]

In addition, cases in hope of full name notation which does not move to Hepburn system of romaji with marriage with foreigner, please refer to done city, town for resident registration beforehand.


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