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Hiroshima future challenge vision With challenge vision

We will talk about ... Hiroshima about opening of citizen of the prefecture contribution type site "daily publication us" deeply densely

Publication day October 24, 2017 to display page for print

 We opened citizen of the prefecture contribution type SNS site "daily publication us" to send about various charm of Hiroshima which citizens of the prefecture discovered again by oneself in this prefecture, and to be able to raise attachment and pride to Hiroshima by providing place that shared information.
 It is the first SNS sites where is under prefectural management of the whole country.

About features of site                                                         

◆Topic only Hiroshima
 User can post interesting thing, charm of own Hiroshima which we found casually. In addition, in contribution ranking "we nkingu updated three times a day," we can give the hottest information once-over in Hiroshima. 

◆As for participating, Hiroshima people contact only Hiroshima person
 Contribution of user comes up at random; "we ndamu." It is a chance to be connected to unknown user and pressures to work on transaction between Hiroshima people who are user. 

◆There is summary function of contribution
 We can make introduction article that quoted curious contribution of other users. In addition, about own contribution, we can expect diffusion effect to other SNS without only in site by being introduced to editorial department and other users by summary article.

◆There is daily publication we editorial department
 Editorial department where existence itself is rare in SNS. Editor of town information magazine and six well-informed people of Hiroshima including DJ of radio totally take up contribution of general user like personality of radio and they do for comment and summary article and scatter.


To access daily publication us

 Daily publication we are sites for users to interchange through much-talked-about dispatch and joint ownership coherent to area, diffusion of information casually.
 Please use from the following address casually. 

[URL] external link 

About special plan

 We perform special interview to special band "unicorn" of Hiroshima origin and have each member answer message and question from user. We put together, and please see.
Logo Unicorn


 Telephone 082-513-3444
 Charge tortoise book, Kuroki (shu)

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