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About correspondence to damage to affect Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 [June 29, 2017 update]

Publication day to display page for print: June 29, 2017 update

 For various places passed away by Kumamoto, a series of earthquakes following considerably in both prefectures from April 14, we wish to express our deepest sympathy heartily and tell suffered from about heartfelt sympathy.

 We load with feeling of thanks that had support that there is many to be heartwarming in earth and sand disaster that occurred in Hiroshima-shi in August, 2014 from the whole country and will perform every possible support even if we get up in this prefecture.

 We tell about request in addition to have support to stricken area through donations in citizens of the prefecture, and to have evacuation site and confirmation of refuge course or preparations for evacuation materials make sure for disaster that it takes place when and where, or it is not revealed.

 Besides we pray for having you regain daily life early on 1st including one and people concerned that it is successful hard by rescue operation, everyone, who were suffered from heartily.


To all of you suffered from

For victims, we will tell about deadline for application for tinker system of damaged house.

  • About gratuitous offer of house for victim of Kumamoto earthquake under prefectural management [April 18, 2017 update]

We give free of house under prefectural management to victims evacuated to in Hiroshima. ※Application was finished on March 31, 2017.

For victims, we will tell about information of municipalities providing city council house as house for refuge.

When it is matched damage by disaster, postponement of reduction of taxes and payment of prefectural tax, prolongation of deadline for report may be received.

  • About support of Hiroshima for Kumamoto earthquake damage companies Prefectural synthesis institute of technology [March 31, 2017 update]

When it is asked for the use and examination of opening facilities, instrument of this prefecture general institute of technology possession, companies suffered from reduce charge. ※It was finished.

About support to victim

We install collecting box in prefectural office building from Tuesday, April 19 and take contribution from citizens of the prefecture. ※We extended to H29.3.31.

About vehicle for the purpose of stricken area support in Kumamoto, free measures of toll of toll road are taken. ※We extended to H29.9.30.

As for the information about volunteer activity accompanied with Kumamoto earthquake, please see this.

About the correspondence situation of Hiroshima

Prefectural government pickup