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Hiroshima prefectural office character general election

Publication day July 4, 2012 to display page for print

Hiroshima prefectural office character general election results announcement

As for "Hiroshima prefectural office character general election," "bunkakki" is acquisition!with the first place

"Hiroshima prefectural office character general election" that ran locus of "precious committee", and fought put election period on June 25 away from June 4, and, from 12 characters, "bunkakki" acquired the first place.
9,389 votes of vote total number.
Member of "precious committee" receives, and "bunkakki" will participate in PR activity in future.

Hiroshima prefectural office character general election

The number of votes

Division Total votes The number of the faulty ballots The number of the effective votes
Prefecture website 7,580 votes 24 votes 7,556 votes
Facebook 111 votes 0 votes 111 votes
Postcard 414 votes Three votes 411 votes
FAX 188 votes 46 votes 142 votes
Sogo temporary polling place 1,096 votes 45 votes 1,051 votes
The total 9,389 votes 118 votes 9,271 votes

A large number of votes, thank you very much.

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