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 Contents of website (called "link site" as follows.) of third party publishing in Hiroshima website are managed by responsibility of each person each and are not under management of Hiroshima.
 Please use link site according to use condition to publish in each link site.
 Hiroshima does not take responsibility about any damage that we occurred by having used them about contents of link site again.


 About link site, we are intended to just provide facility for users and, about contents of linked website, do not guarantee as this prefecture.
 We are absolutely sure in accuracy of placed information of Hiroshima website, but Hiroshima does not take any responsibility about all acts that users perform using information of our website.
 For damage, loss that covered because users accessed "Hiroshima website" in Hiroshima, we do not take all responsibility under any circumstance.
 In addition, please note that we change contents without notice or Hiroshima website may delete.

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