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Symbol of Hiroshima

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What is symbol of Hiroshima?

Symbol of Hiroshima has prefecture chapter (Kensho), bird of prefecture, tree of prefecture, fish of prefecture.
We will see how these symbols were decided.

Prefecture chapter (Kensho)

Prefecture chapter of Hiroshima

Prefecture chapter (Kensho) was performed establishment (we hurry) of on July 16 in 1968 << 1968 >>.
It is [company badge (shasho)] in company, thing similar to [) to carry school badge (in this way] in school when we say with imminent thing of everybody.
This prefecture chapter (Kensho) graphically designs "hi" of initial (kashiramoji) of Hiroshima (zuanka); did, and express solidarity as harmony among citizen of the prefecture by circle.
In addition, symbol (butterfly to carry) is doing progress (pains) and development (development) of shin biyuku Hiroshima by the disposition in aestivation << symbol >>.

Bird (sinew take) of prefecture

Bird of Hiroshima

Bird that symbol (butterfly to carry) is prefecture of Hiroshima << symbol >> is [red-throated loon].
Red-throated loon performs breeding (hanshoku) in the northern part of the North Pole (hokkyoku) and the Asian Continent (tairiku) in summer and is to (cotton) ri bird (dori) going south in winter.
It is July 13 in 1964 << 1964 >> that red-throated loon was hit to bird of Hiroshima.
Toshima (Toyoshima) periphery (learn change) of Kure-shi (and give me) is performed designation (doing) of in particular as "the red-throated loon visit (leprosy) gun* (gunyuu) sea surface" (worth noodles) in the Seto Inland Sea (setonaikai) by natural monument (tennenkinembutsu) of country.

Tree (sinew come) of prefecture

Tree of Hiroshima

Tree that symbol (butterfly to carry) is prefecture of Hiroshima << symbol >> is [maple].
Maple stings tree of maple department << friend of tree that lobe is similar to form of frog of the hand >>, and Japanese maple or omomiji are in Hiroshima.
In addition, the feature is that colored leaves (we will ask) << in autumn lobe red it yellows >> becomes very beautiful, and there is famous place (meisho) where colored leaves (we will ask) of maples such as Miyajima (Miyajima), Sandan-kyo Gorge (sandankyo), Taishaku-kyo Gorge (sea bream aggravating today) are beautiful a lot in the prefecture.
And cake (lend) famous nationwide called maple steamed bun (steamed bun) is made with Miyajima (Miyajima).
It is September 12 in 1966 << 1966 >> that maple was hit to tree of Hiroshima. In addition, flower of prefecture is not decided formally, but assumes maple flower of prefecture because it is familiar to citizen of the prefecture.

Fish (fish of sinew) of prefecture

Fish of Hiroshima

Fish that symbol (butterfly to carry) is prefecture of Hiroshima << symbol >> is [kaki].
Persimmon of Hiroshima is representative fishery products performed cultivation (caries) of for approximately 450 years.
It is September 6 in 1990 << 1990 >> that persimmon was hit to fish of Hiroshima.
Many fans come to the whole country fortune-telling (do) at approximately 60% (break) of national amount of production (result Ryo) with amount of production (result Ryo) now (genzai).

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