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Kids corner where Hiroshi does not lose

Publication day to display page for print: May 26, 2016 update

Kids corner where Hiroshi does not lose


How do area (noodles cough) and population (pitch a camp grow on), climate (let's work) of Hiroshima turn out?What is symbol of Hiroshima?

What kind of municipalities (we do and grow) are in Hiroshima (Hiroshi does not lose)?What kind of industry (sangyo) is prosperous in Hiroshima (Hiroshi does not lose)?

Work (work) of the prefectural office (Kencho)?

What kind of place is the Hiroshima prefectural office (Hiroshima Kencho)?Is shi (arrive) where how is money of Hiroshima (Hiroshi does not lose) broken?

Kids link

Environment (kankyo)


About eco-kids - environment (kankyo), we will learn together together

Weather, disaster prevention (tenki, bosai)

Disaster prevention information station for kids

Aim emergency management information (bosaijoho) station for kids -;! bosai doctor (we let you vomit)! Let's get over pinch together; is!

Facility (sinew expands furuncle) of prefecture

Welcome come; is!to kids aimlessly

Welcome come (and others), and is Hiroshima Prefectural libraries (hiroshimakenritsutoshokan) -; is!to kids aimlessly

Welcome to child square

Welcome to Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History (hiroshimakenritsurekishihakubutsukan) - child square


Security, reliable town development "Hiroshima"

Security, reliable (security, relief) town development "Hiroshima" local action support (chiikikatsudoshien) site

yuppi net

We will go yuppi net -! Let's try! Let's make participation (sanka) for various activity (gather)!

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Prefectural government pickup