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About website of Hiroshima

Publication day April 1, 2015 to display page for print

 Summary of Hiroshima website

 In the use of Hiroshima website (, thank you for your understanding about the next item.

Reference about 1 Hiroshima website

 Hiroshima website performs information dispatch by the next responsibility.

 The location: 〒 730-8511 10-52, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
 Phone number 082-228-2111 (main)
 In addition, opinions about general constitution of website would like inquiry about publication contents to site webmaster (General Affairs Bureau Public Relations Section) again to reference of mention on each page.

2 reading recommendation environment

 We recommend the next movement environment to have you read Hiroshima website more comfortably.
 (1) Internet Explorer: After 11
 (2)  JavaScript: Effectively
 (3) Cookie: Effectively
 (4) Size: Medium
 (5) Monitor resolution: More than 1,280 pixels of side
 (6) Style sheet: Effectively
 (7) Downloading of various plug in
 Plug in is small program to offer additional function to browser software such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, and it is common it is free, and to be distributed by the Internet top.
 Of the lower each page "viewer software may be necessary to see attachment. For more information, look here. Plug in necessary for reading of Hiroshima website is available gratis when we have you click ".

3 site policy

 Hiroshima website sends information to be related to life of key measure and citizens of the prefecture of this prefecture closely, and it is in window in the Internet.
 Hiroshima Public Relations Section performs general management, administration, but, about individual publication contents, acts in information dispatch that is made up mainly of department in charge, and stood in viewpoint of users.
 Based on needs of users, we will try for more improvement of publication contents in future.

About 4 accessibility

 Hiroshima website performs management, operation for being website which it is easy to use for all people.
 We consider in particular so that we note the next point, and it is letter which it is easy to read toward the elderly person to cope with sound reading software for again blind.

[point to keep in mind]

  • We do not use frame basically.
  • We offer substitute information that expressed contents by ALT attributes precisely to image.
  • It allows user to change size, hue.
  • We do not use letter and image, color to flash on and off.
  • When we use sign and written abbreviation, we consider reading by sound.
  • We do not put space and newline in the middle of word.
  • We do not use platform dependent characters.

About 5 copyrights

 Individual information (sentence, photograph, illustration) published in Hiroshima website becomes a target of copyright. In addition, we become a target of copyright as editing book, and the whole Hiroshima website is protected together by Copyright Act, too.
 Replication, unauthorized use, reproduction, sale, modification, print, act to distribute to prohibits information of Hiroshima website without permission unless it is admitted in Copyright Act including range and quotation of the personal use.

About 6 links

 Link to Hiroshima website assumes freedom after having observed principle, the next instructions.
 You are unnecessary about prior notification, but please transmit name of the website and URL to when you linked.
 In cases that content of website of origin of link is against laws and ordinances and public order and morals, please note that you may ask for deletion of link.
 In addition, mutual links are limited to country, the metropolis and districts, municipalities of the prefecture, school in the prefecture, affiliate of prefecture.

[precaution when we put link]

  1. About linking point, please assume principle, top page.
    (when you link any place other than the top page, please talk with inferior part contact number (department in charge) of page where you want to link to.)
  2. We display in frame, and please refrain from setting such as a part of your page.

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