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We raise banner ads to publish in prefecture website

Publication day March 1, 2018 to display page for print

For the purpose of planning activation of improvement and regional economy of citizen of the prefecture service including securing of new resources in Hiroshima,
We publish banner ad in top page of prefecture website.

It is advertising media that we can expect of solicitation effect led by citizens of the prefecture.
For PR and image enhancement of company and product, please inflect.

Please refer to General Affairs Bureau Public Relations Section for inquiry about publication and application.

In addition, all responsibility about contents of advertisement to place belongs to advertiser. Prefecture does not do recommendation.

Inquiry, application

 Hiroshima General Affairs Bureau Public Relations Section independence public information, citizen of the prefecture talks group

 Address: 〒 730-8511 10-52, Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi 
 Name: Hiroshima General Affairs Bureau Public Relations Section
 Charge: Voluntary public information, citizen of the prefecture talks group
 Telephone: 082-513-2372
 Fax: 082-228-4429

Publication place

Top page ( [is displayed with PC, tablet, smartphone.]

Top page banner insertion place (the page lower berth)

Top page banner publication place

Publication charges

1 frame 54,000 yen / month

  • There is discount system for a long term for (more than six months more than ten months) when we have you propose.

Standard of advertisement

  1. Size length: 60 pixels, the side: 175 pixels
  2. Form GIF (possible animation), JPEG or PNG
    But there is thing that burden on eyes of reader is not big when we meet when we use thing with movement including animation GIF.
  3. Less than capacity 15kb

Range, contents which are targeted for advertisement

You see the Hiroshima website insertion handling points, and please refer to prefecture Public Relations Section for contents of range of advertiser and advertisement.


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Please download one that does not have Adobe Reader from link of banner. (free)

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