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How to make antiseptic solutions for norovirus measures

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  We do not know where norovirus attaches to very small. Therefore while we do not know without knowing, we touch polluted point to norovirus and we infect and may enlarge pollution again.
 Place and thing which person touches directly in facilities such as restaurants will sterilize regularly to prevent food poisoning due to norovirus.

 How to make antiseptic solutions

  • For norovirus, sterilization with sodium hypochlorite is effective.
  • Sodium hypochlorite is included in commercial "home chlorine-based bleach" (approximately 5% of density).
  • Here, we introduce how to make antiseptic solutions using "home chlorine-based bleach".
  • We can easily make when we use plastic bottle (capful approximately 5 ml)
Place, thing using antiseptic solution

Is completed
The density of antiseptic solution

How to make

As for doorknob, the handrail,
Place, thing which infected person touched directly

200 ppm

Home chlorine-based bleach 10 ml water 2.5ℓ 
(for two cups of caps of plastic bottle) (for five plastic bottles of 500 ml)

 Thin one 1

Vomit, flight
Place, thing which attached directly

1,000 ppm

Home chlorine-based bleach 10 ml water 0.5ℓ 
(for two cups of caps of plastic bottle) (for none of the plastic bottles of 500 ml)
Thin one 2

Precaution when we handle antiseptic solution

  • Please perform ventilation enough.
  • As you provide stimulation for skin, please use plastic gloves. In addition, please do not use for disinfection of finger, skin.
  • As you provide bleaching, discoloration does not use to curious clothing, and please sterilize by other methods (hot water disinfection more than 85 degrees Celsius).
  • When you used for metal because there is property to let metal corrode, please wet-wipe carefully.
  • Because disinfection effect decreases when organic matter including filth (vomit, flight) is left, please sterilize filth after having been eliminated beforehand.
  • Because effect may come off with progress of time, let's use up antiseptic solution each time.

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 How to make antiseptic solutions for norovirus measures

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