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2016 prefecture staff employment examination (people who experienced the first member of society) examination guidance

Publication day June 7, 2016 to display page for print

Acceptance of examination was finished in the first in 2016.
We are going to publish examination guidance of examination from Friday, September 2 in the second in 2016.

2016 Hiroshima staff employment examination (people who experienced the first member of society) examination guidance

Do not make use of abundant experience in ... private enterprises in new challenge to draw the real ability of Hiroshima; or ...

Icon In Hiroshima, we demand human resources having a variety of experience, expertise or techniques.
Icon It recruits full of will that it is said to realize Hiroshima where I think, it "was good we are born as Hiroshima and are brought up and live, and to work" heartily.

[examples such as experience, knowledge, technique that we can make use of in Hiroshima]

Icon Promotion experience in advertising agency and trip product development experience in travel agencies

Icon Overseas very important person atendo experience in private enterprises and business activity experience to overseas private enterprises

Icon Experience such as design and development, operation in IT-related company and applied information engineer qualification

Icon Experience such as design, taskmaster of construction in private enterprises

IconMessage from the senior staff is this

■ Change of 2016

In interview examination, we abolish group discussion that we carried out until last year and carry out only individual interview.

▽About change of conduct contents of interview examination, it is this

■ Receptionist period 

▽Mail, bringing from Tuesday, May 17, 2016 to Monday, June 6
▽Internet from Tuesday, May 17, 2016 to Friday, June 3 5:00 p.m. 
※As final day of the Internet is different from case by mail, bringing, please be careful.

 ■ Primary examination 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

■ Examination place 

Hiroshima Tokyo

Downloading such as examination guidance

Examination guidance (PDF)Mention contents

Examination guidance 1 (2.4MB)
(cover, one page - four pages)

  • Examine, and sort, and is going to adopt; the staff, the office and job specifications 
  • Eligibility requirements for an examination
  • Date of examination and place
  • Primary examination venue guide map
  • We announce pass
  • Notice of examination results
  • Method of examination
  • About appeal sheet
  • Notice matter after pass

Examination guidance 2 (1.04MB)
(five pages - six pages)

  • As for the applications, it is the entry point
  • Application, admission ticket to an examination entry example

Examination guidance 3 (648KB)
(seven pages)

  • Examination application procedure
Appeal sheet (PDF)
Appeal sheet style (sample) (97KB)※Appeal sheet style (sample) of primary examination is left street.

Application by bringing or mail

 When you propose by bringing or mail, please download application, admission ticket to an examination of this page. 
 In entry, please read examination guide well. 
 ※Please do not use application by bringing or mail and electronic application together. 

 Admission ticket to an examination

※Because receptionist period was expired, we cannot download.

Electronic application by the Internet

 When we do electronic application by the Internet, please see page of "application by the Internet".
 ※As final day of the Internet is different from case by mail, bringing, please be careful.

Link to portable site (only as for the emergency)

To portable site to tell about postponement of examination or borrowing of the initiation time by natural disaster on the day of the examination, please click this.

We transmit to own cell-phone from this, and you can see.

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