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Summary of top page

Top page is entrance of Hiroshima website. Important information is placed here and we arrange link to various pages and display.

Main menus

At place that is common to other pages, and is displayed, search menu of information is displayed. In addition, we set up function to assist resize of letter, reading environment including change of background color.

Appeal corner

We let link banner to corner that we want to tell about rotate and appeal in particular by greatly publishing.

Information publication corner

It is corner to pick up changeable information, and to display. "Latest information" and "attention information," "press release document" "auction informations" are displayed.

Special feature menu

We place information to change regularly including "the Public Relations Division" and "attention number of this month" as information to want you to know as Hiroshima.


It becomes place that is common to other pages, and is displayed. Other than indication of contact information, links to basic and supplementary contents page form a line.

Method to arrive at objective information is not one

In Hiroshima website, we can arrive by various methods for one information. Search from classification page and search from position top page. In addition, search by keyword using calendar and Google Search according to month allows search of more precise information.

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