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Lifelong learning, social education

Lifelong learning, social education

Book-reading activitiesExperience-based activityLifelong learningLocal education powerDomestic education power

 We introduce information or environmental maintenance to be helpful because citizens of the prefecture continues learning for life in this section. (as for the information for members of administrative occupation to support learning of citizens of the prefecture from this.)

Environment creation to learn for life

 It is very important that citizens of the prefecture continues learning from child for life to elderly person. Daily learning opportunity in imminent area is provided by various main constituents including municipalities and group, NPO. In prefecture, we wrestle in environment creation such as enhancement of the training for reporting of learning opportunity when specialty is high and improvement of specialty of lifelong learning, the social education relations staff of municipalities.

Promotion of experience-based activity, book-reading activities

 In social education, we perform various approaches for promotion of book-reading activities bringing up experience-based activity and sensitivity and power of words to bring up rich human nature and sociability of children around house of prefectural boy nature or prefectural library. 

 Improvement of experience-based activity of children

 Improvement of book-reading activities of children

 We bring up intellectual power, judgement, power of expression of children, and reading becomes base living in the rich life. In Hiroshima, we push forward book-reading activities bringing up power of words based on book-reading activity promotion plan of child.


Commendation (individual, group contributed to by activity of the field of social education)

 We could continue being active for children and area for many years, and it was commended that we included superior achievement.

○ The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commends

○ Hiroshima Board of Education commends

○ Groups commend

Investigation, statistics

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