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Press release document of May, 2018

Publication day April 18, 2018 to display page for print

It is news offer document of prefectural government information provided by news media.
(there is thing omitting a part of the document including attachment. Sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer to department in charge (room) listing in offer document if you have any questions.)

※You can see contents of document from lower [downloading].


May 21: 2010 criteria Hiroshima industrial production, shipment, inventory index [statistics section] March, 2018) (PDF file) (344KB)
May 21: Let's look at large cruise passenger boat "majestic princess" [harbor promotion section]; (PDF file) (258KB)
May 18: Preschool education free about becoming about request to country [reliable childcare promotion section] (PDF file) (552KB)
May 18: About coverage of "Hiroshima "genwazawai in all" simultaneous disaster prevention classroom" [evil measures promotion charge decreasing by] (PDF file) (714KB)
May 18: About inspection of stricken area by Governor 2014 8.20 earth and sand disaster [erosion control section] (PDF file) (1.78MB)
May 18: !which we do this year "All day long public library" [prefectural library] (PDF file) (412KB)
May 17: About governor commendation food hygiene-related in 2018 [food Sanitation Section] (PDF file) (210KB)
May 17: "Miyoshi fair ... of Discovery 344 - nostalgia and new discovery" about holding in Hiroshima brand shop TAU [Hiroshima brand promotion section] (PDF file) (337KB)
May 17: About holding such as election promotion meeting general meetings where Hiroshima is well acquainted with [Election Administration Commission Secretariat] (PDF file) (259KB)
May 17: About publication of basic findings based on the earth and sand accident prevention method [earth and sand method designated promotion charge] (PDF file) (242KB)
May 17: AI/IoT proof platform business "Hiroshima sand box" start! [innovation promotion team] (PDF file) (1.14MB)
May 16: 2018 infectious disease class about holding of "learn syphilis" [health measures section] (PDF file) (288KB)
May 16: About holding of "airport management reform promotion Committee" (the fourth meeting) [airport promotion section] (PDF file) (97KB)
May 15: 2018 photochemical oxidant information the official announcement situation [environment safeguard section] (PDF file) (77KB)
May 15: About official announcement of photochemical oxidant information (issue first in 2018) [environment safeguard section] (PDF file) (421KB)
May 15: The 35th innovation talk in Hiroshima holding! [innovation promotion team] (PDF file) (857KB)
May 15: "Let's prepare for flood and earth and sand disaster! ... flood control month and earth and sand accident prevention month ... document exhibition [prefectural library] (PDF file) (609KB)
May 14: The general condition (population (former investigation) by estimate) of March, 2018 [statistics section] (PDF file) (204KB)
May 11: "The okonomiyaki mitchan home office" is TAU first appearance! [Hiroshima brand promotion section] (PDF file) (424KB)
May 11: Measles (measles) measures workshop in medical institution holding [health measures section] (PDF file) (300KB)
May 11: Firm location to Hongo industry housing complex (the first) in NISHIKAWA RUBBER decision [prefecture investment promotion section] (PDF file) (645KB)
May 11: Infants education support center "advisory board" and "we play we learn Hiroshima native growing up!" Hold promotion review meeting [infants education support center]; (PDF file) (111KB)
May 11: !held by juxtaposition type middle and high schools consistent education school Prefectural Miyoshi Junior High School, high school school briefing session [prefectural school reform charge] (PDF file) (365KB)
May 11: !which Kurose high school student received practical training in with student of Kingdom of Sweden Armas High School in welfare institution [the high school education Facility Planning Division] (PDF file) (175KB)
May 10: About Parisienne Marchais holding [prefectural art museum] (PDF file) (155KB)
May 10: Wage, working hours of Hiroshima and movement (every month work statistics investigation district findings) February, 2018 (breaking news) of the employment [statistics section] (PDF file) (487KB)
May 10: About holding of "talk show by Hiroshima "genwazawai in all" promotion ambassador" [evil measures promotion charge decreasing by] (PDF file) (1.56MB)
May 10: About Ambassador "together genwazawai" promotion commission type [evil measures promotion charge decreasing by] (PDF file) (400KB)
May 10: About conduct of "the 22nd teaching materials creature bazaar" [prefectural Education Center] (PDF file) (174KB)
May 9: About death of prefecture most elderly person [community-based welfare section] (PDF file) (74KB)
May 9: Conduct [prefectural art museum] of 10,000 person of "women projecting the temporary exhibition Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Parisienne exhibition era" admission achievement ceremony (PDF file) (254KB)
May 9: Fukuyama Technical high school is production!in symbol "night-light" of Tomo-no-Ura monument [the high school education Facility Planning Division] (PDF file) (138KB)
May 8: Chef storekeeper of "restaurant Hiramatsu" of noble Grand maison and chef de cuisine Daiki Hiramatsu visits production center of Hiroshima. [Hiroshima brand promotion section] (PDF file) (369KB)
May 8: Document exhibition "together ... which is consumers month in so rich consumption social - May old" holding [prefectural library] (PDF file) (465KB)
May 8: Mitsugi high school student council about association of ALS Hiroshima Branch and cooperation in Japan [Hiroshima Prefectural Mitsugi high school] (PDF file) (479KB)
May 7: Ingredients exchange meeting with producer and chef holding [sale, cooperation promotion section] (PDF file) (694KB)
May 7: "Enterprise partnership type agriculture entry seminar & conference" holding [sale, cooperation promotion section] (PDF file) (474KB)
May 7: Held in "meeting promising heart of nursing" in prefectural Miyoshi nursing technical school [medical care human resources section]; (PDF file) (455KB)
May 7: !which cycling Shimanami 2018 (October 28, 2018 holding) public entry begins in [Tourism Division] (PDF file) (423KB)
May 7: About water supply service pipe damage accompanied with Tadanoumi Chuo Line street construction [City Planning Division] (PDF file) (277KB)
May 2: Mexico guanafato dishes galladinner held news [Hiroshima brand promotion section] (PDF file) (393KB)
May 1: About holding of business seminar in China [overseas business section] (PDF file) (223KB)

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