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Teral Kyokuto Inc.

Publication day to display page for print: December 1, 2011 update

Production of pumps and fans

1 Products and/or Technologies:

Fluid pumps (top domestic manufacturer)

2 Characteristics:

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  • Fluid pumping / management technologies.
  • Special forms produced via advanced molding technology.
  • Utilizes only the most advanced, user-friendly electronic technologies.

    3 Initial Product Development:

    Previously, pumps and valves were assembled on-site. However, due to a reduced number of available on-site laborers, the company elected to develop an all-in-one unit.

    4 Product Development, Obstacles, and Challenges:

    Developing a small, light, quiet product that still conformed to technical specifications / regulations was initially difficult.

    5 Main Business Partners:

    Building equipment companies

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