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!which realizes innovation ritsuken !which works on upbringing, development of - new industry, key industry―

Breakthrough Vision for Hiroshima's Future

Image of "bud of strength"In this prefecture, we wrestle for upbringing, development of industry, key industry that is new as basic policy by maximum utilization of thorough reinforcement of local innovation power, "strength" of this prefecture and "bud of strength", uptake of Asian vitality with viewpoint of globalization positively.

Approach of Hiroshima

Competitiveness reinforcement of new industrial upbringing, key industry

  • Environment, new energy
  • The auto industry (next-generation car)
  • Advancement of manufacturing industry

Entry support to China, Asian market

  • Business intelligence for foreign countries
  • Economic exchange with China
  • Economic exchange with India

Company support menu

  • Hiroshima innovation promotion mechanismExternal link
  • Hiroshima Industry Promotion OrganizationExternal link
  • Firm location guide
  • System utilization handbook
  • "Hiroshima medical associated industrial workshop"External link