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Welcome to "hometown tax" (Hiroshima support donation)

Publication day July 12, 2017 to display page for print
With hometown taxWe explain summary of hometown tax of Hiroshima.
Application of contributionWe explain the inflection situation of contribution that all of you gave to.
About kind treatment in the taxation systemWe explain tax credit that is received when we contributed in hometown tax.
About one stop exception systemIt is system that tax credit is received without final income tax return.
(application of system includes constant condition.)
About change promotion donation of learning

We raise contribution to support independent learning of children. We appoint school in the prefecture and can contribute.
(we move to website of the Hiroshima Board of Education.)

Hometown tax for company

We explain summary of hometown tax for company.
(we move to website of hometown tax for company.)

Contribution to prefecture municipalities

It is link to hometown tax website of each municipality in Hiroshima.

Hometown tax cheering partyCelebrity with connection cooperates with PR of hometown tax in Hiroshima.
!that member first is Dai Tamesue (former track-and-field athlete)
Campaign informationIt is information of campaign about hometown tax.

Application for hometown tax 

Please be careful about frauds that talked about hometown tax enough.
In Hiroshima hometown tax (Hiroshima support donation), we force contribution and may not demand transfer to specific account from contribution without application.


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