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The outbreak of influenza situation (we announce warning)

Publication day March 15, 2018 to display page for print

 The report number of patients of influenza from fixed point medical institution of week (from December 18 December 24) exceeded official announcement criteria (30 per fixed point) of warning in eastern public health center jurisdiction (Mihara-shi, Onomichi-shi, Fuchu-shi, Sera-cho, Jinseki-Kogen-cho) in the 51st in 2017 by Hiroshima infectious disease development pulse-taking. 
We announced "influenza warning" based on infectious disease development pulse-taking warning of Hiroshima, the warning official announcement point in future in the prefecture on Thursday, December 28, 2017 because the fashion might spread more. 
 It became early trendy opening for around one month than last season. 

We announce warning, warning by the next criteria in Hiroshima.

  • When the report number of patients of the whole ... prefecture containing fashion became more than 1 per fixed point
  • When the report number of patients of public health center jurisdiction of warning official announcement ... prefecture either became more than 10 per fixed point
  • When the report number of patients of public health center jurisdiction of warning official announcement ... prefecture either became more than 30 per fixed point
  • When the report number of patients of all public health center jurisdiction of warning release ... prefecture became less than 10 per fixed point

The recent fashion situation

The influenza report number of patients (from 2018 fifth week the tenth week)


 The national outbreak situation

  • The number of the reports per fixed point of the ninth week becomes 17.42 and decreases than report 22.64 per fixed point of the last week.
  • By metropolis and districts distinction, it becomes order of Hokkaido (27.19), Toyama (25.56), Akita (25.48).

◎About the outbreak situation of national influenza, please see this. external link

The outbreak situation of Hiroshima

 The number of the reports per fixed point of the whole Hiroshima of the tenth week (from March 5 March 11) became 9.96 (1,145 report number of patients) and decreased than 15.04 number of the reports per fixed point of the last week (the ninth week) (1,730 report number of patients).


With the number of the reports per fixed point

    • About five kinds of infectious diseases targeted for fixed point report, the number of patients is reported from medical institution (fixed point medical institution) which Hiroshima appointed every one week. (as for influenza 115 medical institutions)
    • The number of the reports per fixed point is value that fell below the number of the reports from these fixed point medical institutions with the number of the fixed point medical institutions.

The outbreak situation every public health center

 By public health center distinction, the number of the reports per fixed point decreased in public health center jurisdiction of all the prefecture from the last week (the ninth week).

Table 2


The influenza virus detection situation

The influenza virus detection situation

Prevention of influenza, precaution of trendy extended prevention

With influenza

 Influenza is acute respiratory infection due to influenza virus.
 Because it is prevalent, and many patients occur, and symptom is heavy, influence on human health and society is big and is disease that you distinguish from general cold syndrome and should think about every year.

  • After latency period of a few days, fever (high fever usually more than 38 degrees Celsius), headache, systemic malaise, muscle ache, arthralgia appear suddenly when infected with virus. At the same time, in the same way as a normal cold, upper respiratory tract inflammation symptoms such as sore throat, nasal discharge, cough are seen, too, but are cured by approximately one week. Fever is higher than so-called "cold", and it is that whole body shows symptom the feature of that symptom is severe.
  • Elderly person in particular and the patients with chronic disease develop complications such as pneumonia, and symptom becomes serious, and attention is necessary because there is dying example.
  • About children, it is rarely accompanied by acute encephalopathy, and it is necessary to observe course of symptom well to have possibilities to become seriously ill.

Route of infection

 There is "contact infection" to go through articles such as polluted towels to "droplet infection" by breathing in influenza virus included in small drop of water (spray of water (himatsu)) produced in the case of cough and sneezing of patient by mouth and nasopharynx secretion of patient.

  • It is said to be around 3-7 days after the onset from precritical day that infected person exhausts virus.
  • Cases that patient is in home need attention in particular during this period.
  • Virus included in nasopharyngeal secretions is said to keep infectiosity in the air for several hours.
  • Because expanse is quick in outbreak of influenza, and morbidity is high, we understand route of infection well, and let's perform prophylaxis.

Prevention, precaution of trendy extended prevention

Including time when returned from the outside let's do "hand-washing" with running water and soap diligently.

Hand-washing with running water, soap is method that is effective to remove influenza virus which body including finger had physically and is basic of infectious disease measures. Influenza virus is effective in finger hygiene with alcohol preparation.

Method of effective hand-washing
  1. We take off clock and ring and get hand, wrist wet under running water.
    [point 1] We do not always wash with water which we saved to wash with pure water.
  2. We attach soap and beat well.
  3. You may put palms together and rub.
  4. We rub to stretch out the back of the hand.
  5. We rub between finger-tip, nails elaborately.
  6. Between finger, we rub the root well.
  7. We wash and perform torsion around thumb.
  8. We wash wrist.
    [point 2] We wash and wash finger-tip where there is much zan Shiga in, the root or wrist of thumb particularly elaborately.
  9. We rinse out with running water enough.
  10. We wipe with paper towel or clean towel and completely dry.
    [point 3] We never do common use such as towels.
  11. We turn off faucet stopper using towels which dried hand.
    [point 4] Hand pollutes faucet stopper by hand which we washed again when we touch.

Let's follow cough etiquette.

With cough etiquette
  • If cough, sneezing comes out, let's wear mask made of nonwoven fabric (fushokufu) not to move toward the circumference. When we do not have mask, we control mouth and nose in the inside of tissue and arm, and we turn face away from other people, and let's leave more than 1m.
  • Let's abandon tissue containing mucus, sputum to trash box immediately.
  • Let's ask coughing person for wearing of mask.

Let's be vaccinated before the full-scale fashion.

  • It becomes hard to suffer from influenza, and there is an effect becoming light in symptom even if we suffer.

The room will keep moderate humidity (from 50% 60%) using humidifiers.

We take sleep well and keep balanced meal in mind, and let's acquire physical strength.

We avoid going out to place where people gather, and let's wear mask when we go out.

When influenza is doubted by symptoms, let's consult medical institution early. Particularly, person and pregnant woman, elderly person, infants having underlying disease (renal disease, heart problem, respiratory disease) have complications, and let's warn as we might be aggravated.

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