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Way of working reform

Publication day March 8, 2017 to display page for print

When we regard balance of living as work, we save way of working and work at the cost of living and secure time for housework, and it is apt to be thought that you give priority to either and may have to compromise. However, work and living are all important elements of the life, and, for citizens of the prefecture, social realization that we can investigate is demanded without giving up both.

In promoting positioning, measure for approach promotion of way of working reform of companies as measure that is important by "way of working reform" in "Hiroshima future challenge vision" generally to realize such a lifestyle in Hiroshima "work, is enjoyment!by challenge!living We aim at Hiroshima full of vigor.

Way of working reform

With way of working reform

It is that anyone including induction of system to enable reduction of long working hours and acquisition promotion of vacation, various ways of working wrestles in workplace environment creation which is easy to work while reviewing way of working in each workplace, and planning improvement of productivity.

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Seminar event guidance

We introduce seminar event about way of working reform.

Way of working reform promotion, working woman support meeting Hiroshima

Related organizations such as business group, labor union, administration work on promotion of approach of company and breeding of the time of the prefecture toward "way of working reform" and "achievement promotion of woman" in solidarity.

Prefecture company way of working reform approach fact-finding

We carried out prefecture company way of working reform approach fact-finding in May, 2016.


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