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Environmental information site "eco Hiroshima" of Hiroshima

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Environmental blog 

About enforcement of April 1, 2015 revision Freon law (Freon discharge suppression law)Attention

!which approaches deadline for disposal of highly-concentrated PCB waste on February 21, 2018Attention

About some revisions (atmosphere effluent control of mercury) of the February 20, 2018 Air Pollution Control Act (April 1, 2018 enforcement)Attention

A part of the land pollution measures method was revised on April 1, 2018Attention

Photograph of hatsukaichi environment Festa 2017

We exhibited in "hatsukaichi environment Festa 2017" on October 1, 2017

"hatsukaichi environment Festa 2017" was held at dream Sakura Park (the Yumetaun Hatsukaichi side) on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Based on "recycling work" using milk pack or each domestic energy bill, we performed "house eco-diagnosis" to suggest energy saving measures depending on lifestyle.

While many children had protector and staff help for recycling work, we made accessory case of milk pack hard. Of course completed accessory case is souvenir.
We put cake which we had, and there was child doing joyfully.

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Construction global warming measure of low-carbon society, energy saving, power saving, renewable energyWe promote waste 3R (outbreak suppression, reuse, recycling). We promote waste appropriate treatment and illegal dumping preventive measures. Recycling, refuse, septic tank, industrial waste, illegal dumping

Eco-activity made with base of sustainable society, environmental learning, eco business, environmental event, environmental impact assessment

The local environmental maintenance atmosphere, water, the noise, vibration, bad smell, chemical substance, land pollution, living environment, sceneryMaintenance biological diversity area strategy of biological diversity, natural reproduction, hunting, protection of species of wildlife, natural park, Seto Inland Sea
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