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 Official main 页 of this 页 ze* 岛县 Government.
 为 ability 够让 kakukakokukamatojin 们 capital ability 够对 * 岛县 yuichikaryokai to understand, I 们设 ritsuryoseishikishu 页 and 连环 ryohon 译 clothes 务 *. inko, 电脑 solution 读 hon 译 hodojo 阅读 English sentence, zhongwen for possible 运 and 韩 bummato* 岛 main 页.

(this site is official homepage of Hiroshima that is the Japanese local government.
 We introduce English, Chinese, setting of exclusive page of Korean and translation service of the whole site to have you know Hiroshima toward foreign country in our site.)

Sincerity breath of Governor说 mei of * 岛县链 setsu

Own 动 hon 译

 Own 动 hon 译 clothes 务 of * 页 zeriyomin 营, honei 语, zhongwen, 韩语.
 Complete original 确 non-constant yoshi*zeriyoji 动 hon 译 system 统获 tokumatohon 译结 ankle, reason.
 Original text contents location entrance and exit of day 语 * 页 of in front of yoshi*hon 译结 kakano*hon 译, reason 请 living-in-; basis 础 joriyohon** of enough understanding 这 one point.

(we translate this website into English, Chinese, Korean using private automatic translation service.
For machine translation by machine translation system, it may not be necessarily accurate translation.
As you may be different from original contents of Japanese page before translation, please use this after understanding enough.)

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