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Hiroshima future challenge vision

Publication day April 1, 2018 to display page for print

"It is challenge!by work It is enjoyment!by living We aim at Hiroshima full of vigor

 As for ... work as for the living. Realization ... of greedy lifestyle

 Image of new lifestyle

Measure clicks this in 30

We let the field of four policies link mutually and create good flows to circulate

It is vision which we survey the future ten years later in 2010 (Heisei 22) and devised to share figure (future image) which this prefecture aims at with citizen of the prefecture in the inside that changes such as population decline, low birthrate and aging, progress of globalization go ahead through, and to promote the making of Hiroshima new together.

Based on "Hiroshima future challenge vision" this in Hiroshima,

・The making of << person becoming basics of every field including upbringing and accumulation of a variety of human resources≫

・<< new economic growth to create innovation continuously, and to produce the employment and income≫

・The making of << reliable living to support bread and butter connected directly with living≫

・<< rich community improvement that we made use of personality and resources in≫

We let the field of four policies link of this mutually and created good flows to circulate while bringing synergy.

Figure which the field of four policies circulates through

Approach and result of each field

The making of personNew economic growth
The making of reliable livingRich community improvement

Viewpoint for realization of figure to aim at

We advocate three viewpoints to promote good circulation of the field of four policies for realization of figure to aim at still more.

Three viewpoints

Three viewpoints for realization of figure to aim at

Various result and changes appear by such an approach.

On the other hand, social economic environment to surround this prefecture during this period greatly changes.
You shall be more reliable by sign of result of past approach and change that you have begun to be able to see and, based on various situation changes, must touch route that you did well for good circulation to growth.

For realization of figure (future image) to aim at of this prefecture, we review conventional challenge vision progressively to step forward to "one step" with citizens of the prefecture and promote new challenge.


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