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Hiroshima animal protection center

Publication day November 29, 2017 to display page for print

Website of Hiroshima animal protection center

Towards association society where got harmony with person and animal, we perform operation to make animal protection thought widely available

Main image
One where house dog was lost
List mark
List mark
One where domestic cat was lost
List mark
List mark
Person who wants to keep dog
List mark
List mark
Person who wants to keep cat
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List mark
List mark[for other jurisdiction in Hiroshima toward the house]
Dog/cat which disappeared in Kure-shi, Fukuyama-shi in Hiroshima-shi, inquiry about others are this
Hiroshima-shi animal control center
To websiteExternal link
Kure-shi animal protection center
To websiteExternal link
Fukuyama-shi animal protection center
To websiteExternal link


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We published duties summary of 2016.

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In Hiroshima, sterile emasculation establishes operating system targeting at local cat activity that met "Hiroshima area cat activity guidelines" from 2016 free and continues this system in 2017. For more details, please see this page.

List markTransfer of cat decides time and carries out transfer class. For more details, please see transfer of dog/cat.
List mark!during recruitment of "puppy party" participants We hold every month on Wednesday of end (except September). As for the details, please see "method of teaching manners classroom of home dog".


Transfer class of dog

Blue is day of class of dog.
We hold transfer class of cat on the afternoon on weekdays and third Sunday.
In addition, on the day of the Sunday opening, the staff cannot cope with inquiry with telephone to be in venue.


Do you not begin? It is!by local cat activity

Animal protection classroomHome dog method of teaching manners classroom

Daily life staff blog of Hiroshima animal protection center

Shall we participate in business?

Hiroshima animal protection center

Location 〒 729-0413
8915-2, Hongochominamigata, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima
Telephone 0848-86-6511
Fax 0848-86-3720
Email (please send photograph to this address)
Inquiry form from this
※Of phone number please be careful to hang wrong.

List markWe keep animalList markAbout protection center
Let's keep animal definitelyFacility information
Local cat activityProtection of roam dog
Taking care of of dog, catDuties summary
Transfer of dog, catMember of animal protection promotion
- List of animal information (dog)Accommodation measures of injury disease animal
- List of animal information (cat)List markApplication, procedure, laws and ordinances
Lost child dog, lost child cat informationBreeding permission of specific animal (critical animal)
- List of animal information (hesitation dog)Registration of animal handling business
- List of animal information (hesitation cat)Laws and ordinances concerned
When house dog bit personList markRelated information
When person was bitten by dogInfectious disease external link derived from animal
List markClassroomFAQs
Method of teaching manners classroom of home dogCollection of links
Animal protection classroomProtection center blog
 Prohibition of abuse and abandonment

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