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Love or love (provisionally) or X Hiroshima citizen of the prefecture TV performers

Prefecture is "carp Cali" and collaboration! We interview sainei Ryuji

July 6, 2018

!that Hiroshima performs late-night romance variety program of "love or love or" (provisionally) and collaboration [airdate] Middle of the night of Thursday, July 12 0:50 ~ with "love or love ...

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State of kagura performed at night performance

It is infiltration!for night entertainment to color night of Hiroshima

July 6, 2018

In Hiroshima, we announce the number of the tourists of 2017 for 27 days a month on last month 6. The number of the total tourists touched 69,890,000 people, and foreigner updated record high with 2,433,000 people for 6 consecutive years together. ...

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