The Public Relations Division

We perform public hearing activity to accept publicity work that utilized offer of prefectural government information to news media, public information paper or TV show, opinion from citizens of the prefecture and request to have citizens of the prefecture know approach that Hiroshima performs in Public Relations Division widely.
In addition, we send charm of prefecture to be able to raise recognition, good feeling degree for Hiroshima toward most inside and outside the prefecture.

The monthly Public Relations Division

Monthly "monthly publication Public Relations Division" for WEB to send to from Hiroshima Public Relations Division. !which it is helpful and sends information and advantageous information to every month

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Hiroshima citizen of the prefecture TV

Charm of prefectural government information and Hiroshima is helpful; is delivery!in information Broadcast!occasional as for the special program which performed "Hiroshima citizen of the prefecture TV" and collaboration

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What's New

We see list of latest information

News from Hiroshima citizen of the prefecture

It is issuance!with issue "restoration, revival special feature issue" news from citizen of the prefecture in autumn Person who is not reading yet is check!with WEB version

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Greedy lifestyle

We support "greedy person" to investigate without giving up both work and living both.

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