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Number whole country first place!of host town for the Tokyo Olympics

Judo players lodging together in advance in Hatsukaichi-shi of Mexico

The Akira Taira Olympics were over, too, and Tokyo Olympics tournament strongly approached in 2020. Preparations for 2020 are pushed forward nationwide in here Hiroshima while upsurge accelerates.

Nothing "host town." Country registers local public entity pushing forward local activation through transaction with Tokyo Olympics Paralympics participating nation with "host town". !which one prefecture, 22 municipalities receive registration as host town of Mexico in Hiroshima, but, in fact, is the most for enrollment in 1 metropolis and districts of the whole country (Headquarters for Promotion of at February 28, 2018 Cabinet Secretariat Tokyo Olympics tournament, Tokyo Paralympics tournament secretariat publication)

For 2020, we will also accept prior camping of Mexican team on unprecedented scale with all 26 competitions from now on in the whole country in prefecture 10 municipalities. We make various transaction opportunities with children and local so that it stream down various charm of the prefecture let alone fixing exercise environment, and it is in each host town at perfect opportunity to heap up prefecture sports during period of prior camping and do "hospitality" with every effort. It is!without passing over at this opportunity when it is valuable in team of 13 competitions coming over by this September

Competition, camp place of prior camp in Mexico, schedule (2018 plan) - Hiroshima website

Children interchanging with judo player of Mexico

Players of judo start exercise on this month 1 promptly in Hatsukaichi-shi, and transaction event with children and local everybody is held, too. It is!in fun in various events that exercise of all competitions is released all during camp in each municipality in principle, and can participate in including exhibition exercise with local top team and cultural exchange event with citizen, townsmans being held

State of team camping acceptance, transaction every prefecture promotion meeting in Mexico

Furthermore, cultural exchange group comes over from guanafato state concluding friendship tie-up for 1-9 days in May, too. As you plan offer or music stage of Mexican food at prefecture various places including flower Festival, please go to visit!

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List of host towns - Prime Minister's office website (external site)

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