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West Japan first place!consecutive for emigration hope area ranking two years

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Authorized NPO corporation oldness and recurrence support center announced on February 28; "emigration hope area ranking 2017 (※) In ", Hiroshima became the West Japan first place (two years in a row in total the fourth place) two years in a row.

Hiroshima soars with the fourth place from outside (lower than 21st place) until 2013 in sixth place, 2016 in 2015. We kept the order by results of 2017 announced this time sequentially and were chosen as the third place for emigration hope place in its 30s that used the center.

※ Emigration hope area ranking is based on questionnaire results that we carried out targeting at visitors of "hometown living information center" which "authorized NPO corporation oldness and recurrence support center" supporting local emigration run in Yuuraku-cho, Tokyo.

Change of order of emigration hope area ranking Hiroshima

"Hiroshima living support center" where prefecture installed cause of leap in Yuuraku-cho, Tokyo in 2014. Not only we can talk with emigration counselor called Hiroshima life stylist immediately, but also, in cooperation with outside various groups, expand support about "work" not to be able to take off when we think about emigration. New consultants of 2017 have already increased with 736 sets of record high year by year at the end of January.

Hiroshima living support center

In addition, we hold event regularly in Tokyo and publish immigrant interviews in Hiroshima emigration support site "HIROBIRO.". We lay emphasis on information dispatch to have image to live on Hiroshima for last.

Hiroshima will push forward approach from now on to have everybody of outside the prefecture come to like Hiroshima more let alone the prefecture.

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2017 emigration hope area ranking - authorization NPO corporation oldness and recurrence support center website (external site)

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