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January, 2018

Date Hiroshima prefectural office event
From July 19 to March 31 About revision of Hatsukaichi branch maintenance plan conduct policy
From March 16 to May 11 It recruits study students of master of Hiroshima midwifery study fund
From April 10 to March 31 About schedule of examination of mental health welfare consultation and HIV antibody by specialist, examination of type B, hepatitis C
From April 10 to March 31 About offer of poster for prevention of 2017 substance abuse enlightenment
From June 1 to March 31 About presentation of 2017 instruction inspection record
From October 3 to March 30 "Toast! We started Hiroshima oyster ngudamu sightseeing promotion.
From October 13 to March 30 [to all of prefecture restaurants] Toast! !!during recruitment of Hiroshima oyster ngudamu PR plan "Hiroshima ladder oyster" participation in planning stores
From October 24 to March 25 Document exhibition "... to think by dream discovery BOOK - course" [prefectural library]
From October 24 to February 18 Document exhibition "book [prefectural library] about school library"
From October 31 to November 16 Imminent legal question lecture "alone without being troubled! Consultation method allied document exhibition [prefectural library] of shopping trouble
From November 2 to March 30 Toast! * during Hiroshima oyster ngudamu * Hiroshima ladder oyster guide BOOK distribution
From November 17 to January 8 Hiroshima green arena ☆Illuminations & photographic contest [prefectural general gymnasium]
From November 17 to January 31 !which commends the cheerful founder doing the best for Hiroshima
From November 22 to February 19 [entrance fee for free] Guidance (February, 2018 holding) of environmental management system Eco action 21 seminar for medium and small-sized businesses
From November 28 to January 21 Document exhibition "this (for from August, 2017 to October new arrival) that was introduced in book review of newspaper" [prefectural library]
From December 1 to March 23 About 2018 Hiroshima environment month poster offer
From December 13 to January 28 Sannyo Rai historic spot museum store product exhibition 3 "taste of screen"
From December 19 to January 21 Document exhibition "tie cord, [prefectural library]
From December 20 to January 20 !more only until the deadline [during recruitment of participants] Support group joint briefing session & lectures (Fukuyama venue) such as stop-at-home, school refusal
From December 28 to February 4 [recruitment of participants] !which holds lecture under the theme of housework participation in planning of man
From January 4 to January 15 Collection of transportation of 2017 industrial waste (waste fluid and disposal medicines) and disposal duties (agriculture and forestry fisheries station stock raising section)
From January 5 to January 18 Holding [Fukuya Hiroshima station square store] of guanafato state photo exhibition of the third anniversary of Hiroshima, guanafato state friendship tie-up
From January 5 to February 6 [finished] It is hospitality!"together" We hold lecture.
Date Day (holiday) Hiroshima prefectural office event Department in charge
8th On Monday (Coming-of-Age Day) Hiroshima green arena ☆Illuminations & photographic contest [prefectural general gymnasium] (from November 17 January 8) Board of Education Secretariat