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Prefectural government pickup

  • Of you o "!" Change to this; is helpful;!!during information dispatch We support encounter, marriage, pregnancy, delivery, child care, work ... something and you who are busy.
  • We work on upbringing, development of new industry, key industry realizing innovation ritsuken, entry to Asian market.
  • Company, administration is united, and "genwazawai citizen of the prefecture acting as a body campaign citizen of the prefecture, voluntary disaster prevention organizations aim at Hiroshima that is strong for disaster together"
  • !which aims at a certain vitality semi-mountainous regions We push forward approach that just fixed its eyes on necessary approach, future steadily.
  • It is "Hiroshima cancer net" to send information about cancer aiming at the best cancer measures in Japan to in a mass.
  • We work on realization of peaceful international community without "Hiroshima for Global Peace" Plan nuclear weapon.